Saturday, 18 May 2013

Recent Fashion Purchases!

So fashion is most definitely one of my weaknesses and I am constantly shopping around town looking for something new. Penneys is my ultimate shopping heaven. I don’t think there’s been a single time I’ve went into Penneys and come out empty handed. So as the weather is getting a little warmer (well it’s supposed to be anyway!) I thought a few Spring/Summer fashion items were in order. Here are some of the things I have recently purchased.

So for my birthday, I received a gift voucher for River Island. I will admit I rarely shop here (although I love their bags and purses) as I’m not a huge lover of their stuff. I purchased this jumper on sale for €25 (down from €53!) but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It’s a little baggy (but not in a nice way) and it’s just not a nice fit on me. I’ve seen it on other people and it’s lovely but I just don’t think it suits me.

Recently, I’ve been really loving graphic tees. I think they’re really cute with a pair of leggings, jeans or even a skirt or shorts to make the look a bit dressy. I got this bargain of a top in Penneys last week for only €5! I love the rolled up sleeves and the length is perfect. I wore it with black leggings but I found I kept having to pull it down so I changed into black jeggings. I think it’d be really cute with a pair of skinny black shorts in the summer when the weather’s a bit warmer.

So as my holidays are fast approaching, new bikinis are a MUST for me every year. I’ve really been loving these fringe bikinis that have been seen everywhere. I got them both on ebay for around €6 each. I’m afraid the white will be seriously see-through but I think it’d look cute with a tan just chilling by the pool. The quality isn’t amazing but it’s not bad.                                 
Turquoise bikini:       
White bikini:

I saw these sandals from Penneys about 2 weeks ago and on Thursday I saw them again with only one pair left in my size so I figured it was fate and of course I grabbed them. I think they are so cute and will be perfect for my hols with a cute dress or skirt or even shorts. I think they’d be gorgeous with a pair of skinny jeans too. The detailing of the beads really make the sandals seem more expensive then what they were (a fab €15).

I’m a huge lover of big bags but recently I’ve been really loving the smaller cross-body bags. I got this AMAZING pink aztec River Island bag from Asos for around €33. I am in love with anything pink and I seriously love this bag. It’s a perfect summer must-have.

Finally, the last thing I purchased recently was this lovely lace navy dress for €17 from Tesco. It’s really light material so it’s perfect for holidays and those summer nights. I am a big lover of navy so I cannot wait to wear this with my new sandals. I think it would look great too with a pair of navy leggings if the weather is a bit cooler.
So thats all my purchases for a while! So until then...
Keep Stylin’

Rebecca x