Monday, 30 October 2017

Mustard and Grey - The Perfect Autumn Combo?

Hey guys! I know it has literally been FOREVER!!!!! I've been so bad with blogging lately :( I kinda didn't know what to write about, lost motivation and we were obviously on holidays for most of a month so I've been deep in post holiday blues since :P Since we've come back I've been mad writing some posts so I'm definitely more motivated now but would love to hear suggestions for blog posts so please message me on any of my social media accounts if you have any ideas.

I'm also in the middle of writing a blog series on Orlando. As most of you probably know, we've been to Orlando on our holidays for the last 5 years. We get asked so many of the same questions that I thought I'd finally write a few posts that'll hopefully answer them. I'm almost done so I'll start posting them soon. Anyway moving on to this post...

Last week, my sister graduated from college. I didn't know what to wear and bought this dress (currently on sale) to wear around Christmas as I thought it'd be perfect for that time of year. I had bought another dress for her graduation and the morning of the graduation I changed my mind and went for this mustard one :P It's not normally a colour I'd go for but I have to say I love it. I did go down a size in it as it was quite a big fitting. I also picked up these grey shoes on sale the day before and had no intentions of wearing them with this dress. I didn't think they'd be a great colour combo but when I tried them on together I loved it. I also had a long grey coat over it too which matched the shoes.