Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I picked up this cleansing balm back in the summer when the hype about it became too much to handle! When I first tried it out, I really didn't like it. You apply it onto dry skin and I really didn't like the oily feeling on my face.

However, recently I rediscovered it and said I'd give it another go. The results? I love it!!!! Especially for eye make up! So you basically rub it onto dry skin and then using a muslin cloth (I actually switched to a face cloth as I found it better) you just wash it all off. It's amazing for taking off stubborn eye make up. You just gently rub it over your eyes and then rinse with a cloth and warm water. I always use my Neutrogena Facial Wash afterwards just to make sure my skin is fully cleansed. It's just as quick as using Micellar Water and the results are so much better.

It is regularly on offer in Boots for around €5/€6 so it's definitely worth trying out then when you can get it for much cheaper. Let me know what you think of cleansing balms in the comments below.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Just Touched Down in London Town

So our first trip of 2016 was a birthday trip for Kevin to London! During the Black Friday sales, Ryanair had return flights to London (and probably other places) for €4 per person. No that's not a mistake...I did mean €4!!!! So I got return flights for us both for a ridiculous €8!! We flew from Cork (which we haven't done in SO long and it was so handy!) and arrived in Stansted at around 8 a.m. It was a very short trip as we arrived home early on Sunday but considering the price of the flights, we didn't mind!

We stayed in the Thistle Euston which was less than a 5 min walk to the tube station. It was a perfect location as we were only about a 5-10 min journey on the tube to Oxford St. The hotel was gorgeous and we really enjoyed our stay there.

Since we only had one day there we wanted to see as much sightseeing stuff as possible, without having a jam packed day, so we decided to do the open top bus tour. We booked the Golden Tours hop on hop off bus tour which brought us on a guided tour to all of London's main attractions. We chose to stay on the bus but you can hop on and hop off as much as you like all day. Big Ben and Westminster Abbey were our fav - the architecture is just amazing! It was Kevin's first time in London and he loved it! Afterwards we headed to Oxford Street for some retail therapy!


We had a lovely, though very short, trip and we can't wait to go back again! Let me know what you like to do in London so we'll know for our next trip :)

Hopefully, there'll be many more travel posts on my blog for 2016 :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Lusting After a Grey Coat

I've been looking for an affordable but stylish grey coat for what seems like a lifetime! I really wanted one for the cold winter months but have yet to find one. I've found a few online but I'm still not sure that I've found THE ONE yet :P haha! Let me know what you think and if you've found any!

Missguided €49                                                Boohoo €61

     Boohoo €29                                                                  Asos €84.49     

                          Missguided €70                                                                    New Look €25                                          

             Asos €63.38                                                  iClothing €44.95

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What I Hope to Achieve in 2016

So around this time last year, I wrote a post on what I hoped to achieve in 2015. A few days ago I revisited this and wrote a new post on whether or not I had achieved them. I really liked this idea and so I've decided to do it for 2016 as well. Some may be different, some are similar, but I'm hoping to be able to achieve them throughout the year. Let me know your goals in the comments below. 

In 2016 I hope to...

♥ Travel more and go to at least one place that I haven't been before
♥ Eat healthier
♥ Exercise more - Tara and Sonja we WILL start walking!!!!
♥ Move out
♥ Get a driving licence and start driving
♥ Reach 1000 YouTube subscribers
♥ Start making more videos on my own YouTube channel
♥ Reach 5000 Facebook likes
♥ Be more consistent with blog posts

Monday, 4 January 2016

What Did I Achieve in 2015?

So at the beginning of 2015, I wrote a blog post on what I hoped to achieve by the end of the year. Since 2015 is now over, I thought it'd be kinda cool to look back on the post and see what things I have or haven't achieved. I'm gonna do a similar post over the next couple of days for my 2016 goals! Let me know yours in the comments below.


In 2015 I hoped to...

♥  Travel more and see new places - Succeeded! We went back to Florida for the third time and also saw Nice and Monaco which I hadn't seen before.

♥  Try new foods - A work in progress! January 2015 saw me being the fussiest eater alive! Fast forward a year and I'm the queen of spicy foods and even mastered a very tasty homemade soup! Despite these successes, I still have a long way to go :P

♥  Be more consistent with blogging - This wasn't my most achieved goal :P I was extremely busy with college and then got into a bit of a blogging rut and so my blog suffered. I did attempt blogmas (and failed!) but 2016 is definitely gonna be better.

♥  Move out or at least start the process of moving out - This has been the longest process of my life!!!!!! It has been started and progress has been made so hopefully 2016 will be our year.

 Go to the gym more frequently - Wow I was naiive to think I could actually achieve this. I think I went to the gym maybe twice in 2015? Absolute FAIL!

♥  Graduate from college with a Masters - Success! Goodbye college!

♥  Meet Irish bloggers/vloggers - Success. In February we attended the Irish Creators Day run by Youtube which was amazing. We got to meet Tara ConroyMiriam Mullins and Cian Ducrot who we can say are now all really good friends of ours. Following on from that we've also been lucky to collaborate with The Shuiligans and Geraldine McAleese (aka Jonny Buckley). As for bloggers, I've been lucky to meet so many through attending various events and being part of blogging networks.

♥  Start doing my own YouTube videos (eep!) - This started off as a success and then I very quickly went off the radar :P I think 2016 will hopefully start me off again if we have our own house where I can film whenever I want!