Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What I Hope to Achieve in 2016

So around this time last year, I wrote a post on what I hoped to achieve in 2015. A few days ago I revisited this and wrote a new post on whether or not I had achieved them. I really liked this idea and so I've decided to do it for 2016 as well. Some may be different, some are similar, but I'm hoping to be able to achieve them throughout the year. Let me know your goals in the comments below. 

In 2016 I hope to...

♥ Travel more and go to at least one place that I haven't been before
♥ Eat healthier
♥ Exercise more - Tara and Sonja we WILL start walking!!!!
♥ Move out
♥ Get a driving licence and start driving
♥ Reach 1000 YouTube subscribers
♥ Start making more videos on my own YouTube channel
♥ Reach 5000 Facebook likes
♥ Be more consistent with blog posts