Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I picked up this cleansing balm back in the summer when the hype about it became too much to handle! When I first tried it out, I really didn't like it. You apply it onto dry skin and I really didn't like the oily feeling on my face.

However, recently I rediscovered it and said I'd give it another go. The results? I love it!!!! Especially for eye make up! So you basically rub it onto dry skin and then using a muslin cloth (I actually switched to a face cloth as I found it better) you just wash it all off. It's amazing for taking off stubborn eye make up. You just gently rub it over your eyes and then rinse with a cloth and warm water. I always use my Neutrogena Facial Wash afterwards just to make sure my skin is fully cleansed. It's just as quick as using Micellar Water and the results are so much better.

It is regularly on offer in Boots for around €5/€6 so it's definitely worth trying out then when you can get it for much cheaper. Let me know what you think of cleansing balms in the comments below.