Monday, 14 July 2014

Weekly Round-Up of our Vlogs

Ok so since myself and Kevin started vlogging on our YouTube channel, I haven't really been blogging. I've been working a lot and then on my days off I've been editing the vlogs to get them uploaded and they've take forever to do that! So I do apologise but plan on writing posts this week that will be scheduled to go up :)

I'm also going to (try!) start doing a blog post every week featuring our vlogs that went up on our YouTube the previous week. I figured these would be perfect for my lifestyle type posts to give you a little insider into what we get up to :)

So in last Monday's vlog, myself and Kevin went and saw Mrs Brown's Boys the Movie, made some yummy curry for dinner and went to town and did some shopping.

In Friday's vlog, my two cousins came to my house and we played the Cork version of Monopoly, I had a huge problem with editing the vlog and Kevin eyed up some rides in Wet n Wild waterpark in Florida.