Thursday, 11 June 2015

Visiting Beautiful Monaco

When myself and Kevin were in Nice, we took a day trip to beautiful Monaco. The scenery is just amazing there and I felt like I was walking around with my mouth open all day. I was constantly grabbing Kevin saying "OMG", "WOW", "I wanna live here", "Look at this" etc. etc. haha!

We explored the beautiful sights of Monaco including the Prince's Palace (myself and Kevin are now in the running of becoming the next Prince and Princess of Monaco...), Monte Carlo and the famous Casino (where we just about stepped inside of the door!). We also had a lovely walk along the marina looking at the amazing yachts in awe and obviously deciding which would be ours to purchase! There was a lot of walking to do but I completely fell in love with the place and when I become the Princess of Monaco, I'll be sure to do a house tour ;) haha!

For outfit details, check out my YouTube video :) see our vlog of the trip here!