Monday, 17 October 2016

Life Update: New House, New Job, New Blogging Commitment

Hey Everyone!

So instead of a regular beauty blog post that I had intended to post, I've actually decided to give a bit of an update as to why my blog has been quiet the last few months.

So as most of you probably know at this stage, myself and Kevin moved into our first home together in April. Since then, we've been so busy redecorating, buying furniture, painting, shopping for home stuff etc. As this has been taking up most of my time (as well as working full time), my blog suffered and I felt like I was in the position where I had to blog rather than wanting to blog. I have written a good few posts but they're lacking in pictures and things and again trying to find the time to specifically lay out products to photograph was proving difficult. I then decided to focus more on posting on my Instagram as I felt that was much easier to keep up with.

Then we went on holidays in July and August/September so our time was focused on planning those trips. In September I started a new job which then took up most of my focus. I now work Tuesday to Thursday full time and have a half day Friday and have weekends and Mondays off which is now why I'm able to finally blog!

I feel like I've finally gotten into a routine now where I can write blog posts and take pictures for the posts on Mondays and Fridays and upload them during the week.

I just wanted to write this update to let you all know why I haven't been as consistent as I would have liked but hopefully from this post on I'll be back to regularly posting again.

If you have any blog post suggestions please let me know! Now maybe I should be working towards blogmas...?