Saturday, 9 December 2017

Blogmas Day 9: #2017BestNine Instagram Posts

As the 2017BestNine hashtag seems to be doing the rounds on instagram today, I thought I'd share mine on here too. I love looking back on my top 9 liked posts on instagram as it's always really interesting to see what type of posts my followers like. Most of mine were actually fairly recent posts which was interesting. I've been trying to focus more on my instagram lately and spending more time planning out content so it's nice to see that people are enjoying my recent posts.

2017 has been a mix of ups and downs in my personal life. I don't share the sad or hard times on my social media as I prefer to keep that stuff private so it just goes to show that you shouldn't judge someone based on their instagram feed! Anyway...I'm looking forward to seeing what 2018 holds for us. We've had some really good news recently on something that was really hard for us to take in and accept back at the start of the year so we're so happy that we're stepping into 2018 with a positive mind and attitude and we're thankful for the outcomes life has brought us! Here's to a new year, new happiness, new memories and new goals.

You can view your best nine by clicking here.

Vlogmas Day 9: