Monday, 24 March 2014

6 Years of Loving

Yesterday myself and Kevin celebrated our 6th anniversary together! We kept it casual and went for dinner in Nandos (because clearly I am obsessed), played pool (mainly Kevin's reward for taking me to Nandos) and then went to the cinema and saw About Last Night which was like the worst movie ever! Do not go see it! Seriously! Haha! Here's a few pics of the night and a very quick OOTD (even managed to get Kevin to stand in for his first OOTD wooo!). My jumper is €8 from Penneys, my skirt is €11 (currently on sale for €5) from Penneys, my shoes were €8 or €11 from Penneys, my satchel was €11 from Penneys and my necklace was €5 also from Penneys! Kevin's jeans, hoodie and tshirt are Aeropostale and his shoes are by Dubarry :) Check out my Facebook page if you want to stay up to date with things!