Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Our Trip to Manchester

When myself and Kevin had our post holiday blues after Florida last year we decided to go on a city break somewhere. We looked around for a while and decided that the price would play a big factor considering we had also decided on going back to Florida in the summer. I looked on both Ryanair and Aer Lingus websites searching for deals and when I came across return flights to Manchester for only €20 each we couldn't say no! We went for four days in May and loved it :) I've decided to this blog post to fill you in on our trip and also give you tips if you're planning on going :) we definitely would recommend it :)

Where to Stay
We stayed in the Ibis hotel on Princess St just off Charles St. We wanted something cheap and cheerful and this was perfect. Very reasonable and a great location. We also found when we were there that Oxford St, Oxford Rd and Picadilly Gardens were also great locations. Picadilly Gardens was the town centre so that would prob be the best location.

Where to Eat
We didn't do anything fancy and ate in Nandos, Pizza Express and then a few places in the Trafford Centre like Subway, KFC and Bar Burrito. On our last day we had breakfast in Weatherspoons which is really cheap and was highly recommended to us before we went. There were a few restaurants in Picadilly Gardens and a good selection in the food court in the Trafford Centre.

What to Do
If you've been following me on instagram or facebook then you saw what we did while we were there. We visited the Trafford Centre (a HUGE shopping centre) which I definitely recommend you check out. It's so big and has a good variety of shops and a really good food court.

We also did the Old Trafford stadium and museum tour which was prob our fav part of the trip. It was very reasonably priced and you definitely get value for money with the guided tour. This is a must if you go!

We did the Coronation St tour too which wasn't as good but still worth visiting. It's a tour of the previous set and you get to walk on the cobblestones which was kinda cool! It's only there until October though.

The world's biggest Primark is in Picadilly Gardens so that is a must see for all of you reading this! I cannot even tell you how big it is! I got lost in there and literally couldn't find my way out it was so big. I didn't get a whole lot there but I'm glad I went.

Picadilly Gardens is a lovely area to walk around in especially on a sunny day where there's lots of people about. There's a nice garden area in the centre by the Manchester Eye ferris wheel which is nice. I will warn you though that there's lots of pigeons around!

Finally, we visited the Arndale shopping centre which was much bigger than we initially thought. The Trafford Centre was defo better but this was great and right in the heart of Picadilly Gardens. It had very similiar shops to Cork but was still worth a visit.

So that was our trip! I will leave you with photos and our vlogs from the trip :) we would love if you would subscribe to our channel as well :)