Friday, 27 June 2014

My Night Time Skin Care Routine

A few of you have been asking me about what skin care products I use and I'm only getting around to actually writing about it now (sorry!) and I thought I'd do a post on my night time skin care routine. I use very basic, minimal and affordable skin care products and, if I'm honest, they're not used on a regular basis (shoot me now!). I would say I have a normal skin type although I regularly would have a small few spots and blemishes and find I am never to be without concealer haha! To be honest, I have only properly started moisturising in the last 6 months (I'm not actually sure why you guys asked for this post, it's getting worse as I go on :P) as I was always very lazy and couldn't be bothered going to all that effort before bed. I have been switching between products but I'll go through them now :)

I start off by taking off my makeup with a Johnson's baby wipe. I know baby wipes are supposedly really bad for your skin but they work for me and I've been using them for years. They also don't get right into your pores which is why I often use a deep cleanser afterwards.

I then wash my face with really warm/almost hot water (usually just in the shower) to open up my pores. I only use my hands for this and every few mins I'll run my hands under the hot water and hold them up to my face to let the steam soak into my skin. This always leaves my face feeling so much more soft and cleaner.

After my shower is when I'd go to use a deep cleanser. I've been using the Clearasil Spot Control Deep Clean Cleanser, similar here and here, recently which I find works well. I just put a small bit on a cotton pad and rub it into my face. This is when you really get rid of the left over make up as it sinks into your pores.

Finally, I moisturise. I've been switching between this Aldi face cream (which is AMAZING) and the Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Oil Balancing Light Day Fluid. If I use the Clearasil deep cleanser I use the Johnson's one as it's much lighter on the skin. I use this as my normal everyday moisturiser and I find it works really well. I use the Lacura Beauty Cream from Aldi if my skin is after breaking out as it is amazing for getting rid of blemishes quickly but I find it really thick and heavy on my face which is why I use it without other face products.

So that's all for my night time skin care routine :) I would love if you would send me on yours so I can try out new products :) Let me know what you think :)