Sunday, 10 July 2016

Dublin Zoo & Tayto Park

A few weeks, as you'll already have known if you follow my instagram and YouTube channel, myself and Kevin spent the weekend in Dublin visiting Dublin Zoo and Tayto Park in Meath. The weather was absolutely amazing which is surprising for Ireland but it definitely made us enjoy the trip a lot more.

We spent Saturday afternoon in the zoo and loved it. I've only ever been there once and it was Kevin's first time there so we really spent as much time as we could exploring. We really enjoyed it - the baby elephants were by far my fav! you can watch our vlog of the trip here to see the animals up close! I'd definitely recommend it to people of all ages, especially families, as there's lots to see and do there.

On Sunday we visited Tayto Park in Meath which is a park that's a half zoo, half amusement park. The animals here were a lot better than Dublin Zoo though there was a lot less of them. We even got to see tigers and snow leopards being fed which was pretty cool. Again the weather was amazing and I left with disastrous tan lines from my shoes and poor Kevin left with scalded arms :P but we had a fab day nonetheless :P Before we headed home we did the Cu Chulainn rollercoaster which is Europe's first inverted wooden coaster (it's actually a car but has a banked turn that's more than 90 degrees so that's why it's inverted :P). The rollercoaster was amazing and much faster and smoother than we were expecting. Kinda disappointed that we left it till last and only got to do it once but we'll be back another time to do it then! They also had zip lines, climbing walls and lots of kiddie rides making it a great day out for everyone! We also vlogged this trip which you can see here.

Let me know if you've been to either of these places and what you thought of them!