Friday, 29 July 2016

Laya City Spectacular - Cork

A couple of weekends ago, myself and Kevin went to Fitzgerald's Park to watch some street performers. This was our third year going and it just keeps on getting better. It's a fun and free family summer festival with lots of performers and food stalls. The sun was shining so we enjoyed it even more!

We got to see various performers perform including the Lizard Man who put a corkscrew through his nose, down his throat and through his mouth, Seb Whipits who juggled burning whips on a unicycle, Kamikaze Fireflies who did a lot of hoola-hooping and lots more amazing acts.

Thanks to Paul McLauchlan for taking these fab pics of myself and Kevin during Seb Whipits performance. Make sure to follow Paul on instagram here - he has some fab photography!

We vlogged the day too which you can watch here! We already can't wait for next year!