Thursday, 19 November 2015

Elf Cosmetics Make Up Mist & Set

I bought this setting spray when we were in Florida for two reasons; the first was because it was ridiculously cheap at around $3 and the second was I've been wanting to try out a setting spray for ages now and wasn't sure if they were worth the hype or money.

This little bottle is great! I don't really have oily skin and my foundation is quite matte but this setting spray is still great and still works for me. I use it when I need my make up to last longer than normal and I find it really makes it stay in place for a lot longer. I also find that it's really easy to touch up your make up later on throughout the day even though you've spritzed the setting spray on your face earlier on. It contains aloe, green tea and cucumber so it's super hydrating and refreshing. It dries really quickly and doesn't cause any make up (or more importantly mascara!) to run. I really recommend it!