Friday, 9 December 2016

Blogmas 2016 Day 9: First Christmas in my Own Home

If you've been watching our vlogs, you'll know that I've been getting excited for Christmas for a good while now and there's a few reasons why. Firstly, I love Christmas and think it's such a lovely time of year. Secondly, this will be my first Christmas not working in retail in 5 years and lastly, and most importantly, this is our first Christmas in our very own home! I am so excited to be able to decorate our house the way we want to, watch endless Christmas movies and wake up on Christmas morning in our very own home.

This Christmas is going to be a very special and memorable one for the both of us and I'm so looking forward to it. The build up to this Christmas is going to be amazing and I already can't wait for Christmas morning! I feel like a child all over again! I'll have some posts up soon showing our Christmas trees and festive home decor! In the mean time head over to my instagram (rainbowsandfairydustblog) for some sneak peek pics!

Here's Vlogmas Day 9: