Sunday, 11 December 2016

Blogmas Day 11: Festive Fireplace

Since moving into this house I've been so excited for Christmas. Myself and Kevin were talking about ideas one evening when he came up with the most genius idea (then I perfected it ;) :P) for our fireplace. We decided to try and make a winter snow scene on the base of our fireplace.

I've been picking up cute little animals from Tesco, Penneys, Dealz and where ever I could find any more :P I decided to cover the fireplace in a white snow blanket that I picked up from Euro General for only €3. I then added some loose glitter snow and added some pom pom snowball decorations from Tesco to add to the snow scene. I dunno about you but I'm very impressed and think it looks super cute! It's a great feature in our room now.

Here's Vlogmas Day 11: