Friday, 2 December 2016

Blogmas Day 2: Stocking Fillers for Him

Following on from my stocking filler for her gift guide from yesterday, I've decided to put together a post on stocking filler ideas for him.

1. Phone Case - Similar to my post yesterday, a phone case is a great stocking filler. Again, eBay is great for cheap novelty ones but just watch the shipping times. If you're looking for a more durable case then the Otterbox one's are great.

2. An X Box / Playstation game can be a great gift. You can get cheaper ones or new releases which are more expensive. If he's not into games, then why not get a DVD. I find Smyths are great for both.

3. Earphones - Who doesn't need earphones? My fav are definitely the Apple ones (but the old ones!). You can also find cheaper ones like these from Argos which I like too.

4. Novelty Socks - C'mon, you have to throw in the novelty Christmas socks! Penneys do cute cheap ones but these ones from Debenhams are super cute.

5. Aftershave - This is great as it can be cheap or expensive. We usually get Kevin's expensive aftershave when we're in America and I'd usually get a cheaper one for Christmas for him for every day use. I find Sam McCauley's do great ones at very reasonable prices.

Hope these stocking fillers help you. Let me know if you put other things in!

Here's Vlogmas Day 2: