Sunday, 26 May 2013

It's All About 1D!

Ok so I think it's safe to say that I am a little obsessed with One Direction (yes, I am 21!). So after continuous browsing (or borderline stalking!) the 1D boys' tweets about the 1D Big Announcement, I knew big news was to come. So they announced a worldwide stadium tour for 2014 and of course I HAD to be there.

 I specifically set my alarm early enough on Saturday to get up and get the tickets. I had 2 laptops, my phone and the ticketmaster app all searching for tickets. But unforch, after ages of trying they sold out :( Then they added an extra date so I was all over that again with a million tabs open trying to get some sort of a ticket. Again had no luck. So I sorta gave up and guessed I wasn't going to be going until my little minion (as she shall now be known as) Louise sent me THE best text saying she had just got me 2 tickets! This may be the saddest blog post ever but I actually do not even kind of care! I love my 1D boys and thanks to Louise I shall be seeing them in exactly a year's time <3 So Louise, if you're reading, THANK YOU!!!!!

So that's my exciting news for this weekend. My finals finish on Tuesday (at long last) so there'll be more frequent blog posts which will defo feature some fashion and beauty posts. Holidays are coming so a new wardrobe is a must! Until then...
Keep Stylin'

Rebecca x