Friday, 11 November 2016

Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid

I received three of these Urban Decay colour correcting concealers* in the post a few weeks back and oh my God they have been amazing!!!!! As in I can't understand how I have been doing my make up without them :P the two I've been using most are the green and yellow.

I have been having a hard time with my skin for the past few months and I'm constantly breaking out and being left with scarring from spots. All around my chin area is quite red and often, concealer just isn't cutting it. I've been using the green shade of these colour correcting fluid on any red areas and red spots before applying my foundation. It has really helped in covering them and I don't even need to use as much concealer anymore.

I've also been loving the yellow shade to counteract any dull areas. Although I wouldn't say I suffer from dark circles, my under eye area is definitely quite dull. I apply the colour correcting fluid just underneath both eyes, again before applying foundation, and the difference it makes is just incredible. I look much more awake and my dullness is completely gone.

There are five colour correcting fluids in the range and they retail for €22 each. Here's a breakdown of what each colour does:

Green - counteracts redness including spots, blemishes and broken blood vessels.
Lavender - balances out sallowness and helps neutralise skin with yellow undertones.
Peach - use on dark circles, dark spots, veins and deep discolouration.
Pink - disguises dark circles particularly on fair skin tones.
Yellow - perfecting for disguising dark circles and brightening skin.

Have you tried them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

*PR Sample