Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Blogmas Day 13: Our Christmas Decorations

As this is our first Christmas in our own home, we don't have as many decorations as I would like to have but I suppose you have to start somewhere. We have two sitting rooms in our house and I've decided to go with two themes for them; one room is silver, copper and white and the other room is silver, grey and baby blue. I've been buying decorations that fit into these themes and have been pretty particular in what I buy because I need them to match the colour schemes :P

You've already seen our winter wonderland themed fireplace so I thought I'd take a few pics of some other decorations around the house and share them on here with you. 

Ignore the horrible red carpet, that will be changed in the New Year. I'm also dealing with two very stubborn tree toppers so ignore the lack of stars on the trees for now :P

Here's Vlogmas Day 13: