Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Quick & Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Well since summer is finally here I thought I'd share some of my favourite go-to summer hairstyles. All these hairstyles are really quick and easy to do and are perfect for summer. 

Beach Waves
Ok it's never really summer without beach waves whether they are naturally achieved or if a bit of work went into achieving them. They are so cute and perfect if you're looking for that messy or boho look. They're so quick and easy to achieve. You can tie your hair up into a high, tight, twisted bun and leave it there until you are ready to go out. It's often best to do this straight out of the shower so it has more time to set. If you're in a sunny country, I'd usually go outside to do my make up to let it dry quicker. Alternatively, you can make your own DIY Beach Waves Hair Spray. All you need is some water, sea salt, essential oil and a little bit of gel mixed together in a spray bottle and you're good to go. Spray on to damp hair and just simply scrunch! Beach waves look great on their own or with a few braids going through them.

Fishtail Braid
Another really simple look. This works best on longer hair. Just plait to the side or behind and you're good to go. You can make it loose and tug on the braid for a messier look or brush tightly for a neater finish.

Messy Bun
Again, another simple and quick hairstyle. This look is one of my favs because it's so quick and I love having my hair tied back when it's hot. Plus it saves me time having to properly style it. Literally just put your hair in a high ponytail and shape it into a bun (don't be neat!) and just keep pulling at it til you get your look. Throw a few clips in and it's a perfect look. Add a little braid or a bow if you're feeling fancy!

Doughnut Bun
This is the more neater style bun. You can buy the doughnuts practically anywhere! I got mine in Penneys for about €1.50. Put your hair in a ponytail, put the doughnut through it and then cover it with your hair clipping back any left over hair. It's perfect for a more dressy look and is really quick and simple to achieve.

So they're usually my go-to summer hairstyles. They're so quick and easy to achieve and are perfect if you're in a rush. Each look can be made completely different even by adding an accessory or a simple braid.

Have fun experimenting with these looks.

Keep Stylin'

Rebecca x


Amy Corke said...

I really love fishtail plaits at the moment! :) So cute!


Amy x

Rebecca Casey said...

Ya they're really effortless but look gorgeous! My hair needs to be a little longer though to make it work :P
Rebecca x