Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Blogmas Day 11: Gift Ideas for Him!

Today's blogmas post is a simple gift guide for him! I've only selected a few ideas there's tonnes more I could have picked but I decided to keep it concise! Hope you guys (pun intended ha ha!) like it!

14 days til Christmas :)

Keep Stylin' and be Festive!

Rebecca x

1. Hoodie
I think some sort of a hoodie is good for a guy! Kevin constantly wears them so it's a perfect present for him. I think Hollister or Abercrombie have really nice ones but they can be quite expensive. Penneys (Primark) or Sports Direct do nice ones too if you're sticking to a budget.

2. Aftershave
I got this Abercrombie aftershave for Kevin in Florida and it's SO nice! Definitely the nicest aftershave I've ever smelled and I kind of wish I could wear it haha! Again it's expensive so the likes of Debenhams, Boots or Sam McCauley's do much cheaper ones.

3. Box Set/Game
A box set of a series he likes is always good. Love/Hate is popular this year but so is Breaking Bad or Walking Dead. If he has a playstation or xbox a game is always good too. Popular games right now (because I'm totally clued up on this :P) are Fifa and Grand Theft Auto.

4. Autobiography
If he likes to read an autobiography of someones he likes might be a good present. The Alex Ferguson one is really popular this year. 

5. Wallet
This is a perfect stocking filler. Again it can be as cheap or as expensive as you like depending on where you get it.

6. Kindle
Again if he reads a lot a kindle might be a good idea if you're willing to stretch your budget a little.

7. Runners
Kevin lives in runners so this is usually a safe/go-to present for me to get him. I find Sports Direct do great ones at great prices but I found they didn't have any of his style this year. Cummins, Welch Sports, Lifestyle Sports and Champion Sports are your best bet!

8. Watch
Again, this would be quite specific to certain guys. Similar to the other gifts I've mentioned, the price range can vary hugely.